People are looking for real people.

When AI + Prompts

create good content.

Then, tell me what sets you apart?

I’ll show you how to build a strategy that aligns your positioning, messaging, and identity that improves brand recall to less than 3 seconds.

Learn from this man. Easy decision. You are my favorite brand guy on LinkedIn.

- Ryan Musselman

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#1 in Canada

Personal Branding

& Audience Building

Can you relate to these?

I want to build a personal brand.

But, I have no clue where to start?

I’m tired of trying all the different things.

I still Don’t have a cohesive Brand Identity?

I started well,

but I’m feeling burnout.

I’m not sure of the systems I would actually need?

I write good content, but no one reads.

I want to create carousels

that attracts engagement.

I push

myself to

post everyday.

I still feel

I could have a

Brand Identity crisis?

I lack Strategy, and lett feeling disconnected.

I’m just clueless of how to bring it all together.

I have a lot of experience + value to give.

I’m clueless on, how to position myself?

I’ve spend hundreds on templates.

I’m still overwhelmed, on how to

stay on brand.

A Solid Brand is

the sum of many parts

97% of people do it the wrong way.

1st day work on the Banner.

20th day on the Headline.

36th day add a Featured section.

49th day find templates for branded content.

65th day spend 10 hours straight to rebrand everything.

81st day repeat everything from from scratch.

92nd day burnt out, and stacked with limiting beliefs.

When you create a brand that is aligned

across touch points people will take notice.

I gotta say, you do have one of the most recognizable brands for me here on Linkedin, Balaji.

- Dalton Danks

I've been in the brand game for nearly 25 years and you continue to impress me my friend.

- Steve Cornick

Consuming your content has upped my brand game by so much Balaji!"

- Nimrod Milstain

Branding should

aim for performance

Stop wasting hours of your time trying to

build your Brand without a strategy.

Create your Brand Identity

with a solid Brand Strategy.

Even some legends will take notice.

If Balaji V is driving my personal branding car, I'm feeling safe.

- Julius Bieliauskas

Every time I need some design inspiration, you're the first person whose stuff I look at.

- Danny DelVecchio